A Time Travel ride towards probably the biggest day of your life. Capturing all emotions and vibes, creating a story that can be remembered a lifetime.
Your Moment
we are a company of
Curious People
each with different specialties
coming together using high definition videography and a selection of edgy soundtrack to craft your highly stylized and unique story on film
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we live for
Good design, fashion, music, culture, prose and poetry.
Therefore it’s no surprise to see our interests fused into the films we make. We believe memories are meeting and when not preserved properly it will be gone, just like that
We believe in capturing a moment in a timeless way, so we set trends aside with an elegant, classic, and clean style captured on film. We combine elements of creativity with a classic twist to craft our fine art wedding films.
Time Capsule with Valuable Memories
find out what we do best
what makes a memorable wedding film you ask?
Expensive equipments are only a small fraction of the sum total. More importantly, a memorable wedding film is a successful product stemmed from a mutual collaborative relationship and rapport. So let’s get to know each other before your big day
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If a photograph says a thousand words, how many words would that be for a film?
Do you remember who wears the most dapper suit during your big day? You don’t have to. We have them in your time capsule for you.
Wedding Day
Adam & Eve
Mark & Cleopatra
Romeo & Juliet
Bonnie & Clyde
Jack & Rose
Harry & Sally
we know their stories
What’s yours?